Raglan Sleeve Top


Two weeks ago I made my first blouse at the Raglan Sleeve Top class at The Needle Shop. It’s a bit boxy and not quite what I was expecting, but I learned some useful things in the class and am looking forward to tackling my next blouse. Besides, it’s not too bad if I throw a cardigan over it.


(My minions were a little confused by my mini photo shoot and kept siting at my feet in the hopes of getting treats.)

The main thing I don’t like about the raglan sleeve top is the sleeve length, because it seems to compound the boxiness. I feel like it would look a little more flattering if the sleeves were a bit shorter, since in theory it would give the blouse a little more of a silhouette.


It’s hard to tell without actually shortening the sleeves, but here’s a picture with the sleeves rolled up a bit:


Still not great, but a little better. I may end up shortening the sleeves and/or trying it out tucked into a high waisted skirt. Otherwise, I know a cardigan will make it wearable for sure!

I do like the gathered neckline, though, because it gives the boxy shape a little bit of a feminine flare. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Nick convinced me to go with a “safe” fabric choice for my first blouse, so that I might actually wear it (I have a track record of making things for myself and then giving them away because I don’t like them). The black fabric with white hash marks seemed safe enough and goes well with various things in my wardrobe.

This was my original fabric choice for the raglan sleeve top, but it’s now destined to become another blouse:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’m torn between these three patterns (Sencha by Colette, Market Blouse by Lisette or Top 7051 by Burda).

Hmmm, decisions, decisions…