Grand Rapids Zine Fest

Yesterday I tabled at Grand Rapids Zine Fest, which was my first experience tabling at a zine fest outside of Chicago. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of great people, which has me excited to check out other Midwestern zine fests!

Here are all the zines I picked up. Can’t wait to read them all!



I added something new to my repertoire for this zine fest, Touch & Go (a novel in increments). I wrote this novel in my early to mid-twenties and I’ve always meant to do something with it; however, I had a lot of problems with it as it was. In order to motivate myself to edit it, I decided to release it in zine form a few chapters at a time. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping people are into it. If they are, I plan on self-publishing it as a paperback book at some point.

Here’s what I took with me, plus I brought an assortment of my photo postcards, of course!


Thanks to everyone who stopped by to look through my stuff and chat. Special thanks to everyone who bought a postcard or a zine. Extra special thanks to Sara and Drew for organizing the whole thing!

If you weren’t able to make it and are interested in getting a copy of Touch & Go (a novel in increments) Vol. 1, Second City Vegan (recipe zine) or Rip It Up & Start Again, visit my Storenvy page.

Addendum: Chicago folks Second City Vegan and Touch & Go (a novel in increments) are now available at Quimby’s, too!



DIY Stamps and Zines!

You may have noticed a lack of posts around mid-March. That’s cause I was prepping for the 5th annual Chicago Zine Fest at Columbia College.

This year I made 2 zines. Second City Vegan, a vegan cook zine with recipes from the blog I’ve been doing for a few years ( and the second issue of my perzine Rip It Up and Start Again (not pictured).


I wanted to fill the white space under the banner with something so I came up with the idea of making stamps of kitchen images (a pizza cutter, a mixer and a knife). This was my first foray into making stamps and I was lucky enough to have Nick’s steady hands at my disposal. I drew the images for the stamps and he carved them for me. Next time I plan on carving them myself now that I’ve seen him do it. I also may update the mixer to make sure it includes the beaters, since we missed them somehow.


I ended up selling out of both the 1st and 2nd issues of Rip It Up and Start Again at the fest, but I still have a few Second City Vegan zines which I will be putting on consignment over at Quimby’s later this week. I also ended up selling a bunch of my photo post cards!

Overall it was my most successful zine fest yet and I had a great time tabling and talking to folks about my zines and my photographs!