Cross-Stitch Love

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I am currently in the midst of cross-stitching one of my photographs of Ian. I’m doing it on 28 count Aida with a palette of 100 colors, yikes!

Am I crazy? Maybe
Will it look life-like when it’s done? Hopefully
Am I having fun with this challenge? Definitely!

It will get done courtesy of Netflix. So far I’ve spent endless hours stitching and watching Parks & Recreation, Chuck and Dexter, as well as a couple of movies. 

That’s the one thing I love about winter – I feel no shame in sitting at home watching endless hours of TV so long as my hands are busy making something. I still have at least three more months of this, so I’m going to make the best of them. It may take me all three months to complete this – I’m really hoping it doesn’t, but it will be pretty cool once I’m done. So cool, I may have to frame it instead of making it into a throw pillow like I originally intended.

Here’s two weeks worth of progress:


It looks like a map for some fantasy realm at the moment, but soon I’ll reach his eye area and it will hopefully start to resemble my little monkey.