Monkey Face Progress

For those who don’t know, my beloved Ian MacKaynine is also known as “Monkey Face” or just “Monkey” around these parts.

Here’s where hours of watching Dexter and Scrubs have gotten me:


It’s starting to look less like a strange map and more like his face now that the eye is being defined. Nick keeps teasing that at this rate I won’t be done with this until April. I’m determined to prove him wrong.

Wish me luck! I still have 3 seasons of Dexter, 4 seasons of Scrubs and at least 2 more months of the kind of weather that makes me want to stay indoors 24/7 ahead of me. Plus, rumor has it Polar Vortex Part III is supposed to be heading our way in the near future.

Why do I live in the Midwest again?

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