Owl Tote #2

Since I didn’t take time off around Christmas, I decided to take last week off of work to work on hobby projects, catch up on my reading and avoid dealing with the crummy weather.

Since I took that tote bag class a few months ago, I’ve been itching to make a modified one that better suits my needs and since I had extra fabric, I did just that.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hate digging through my purse for things and since my original tote bag was pretty basic and didn’t include any pockets, I spent a lot of time fishing through it for stuff. So this time around I added a pocket, a D ring and a clasp I got from Tom Bihn to use with my modular pouches, which I also got from Tom Bihn.

I made the pocket large enough to hold my Kindle, which I got as a gift for myself this winter. From now on I won’t have to lug so many bags around when I travel since I usually like to bring 2 or more books and they take up a lot of space. Now I can comfortably carry my lunch, my reading material, my wallet, my water bottle and a small assortment of other small necessities in just one bag and it’s easier on my back!


I put the D ring and the hook on opposite ends of the bag to balance it out. Unfortunately, I forgot to change back to black thread when I sewed the strap to the hook, but since it’s inside the bag, no one should notice, but me. I also sewed the strap on the hook the wrong way onto the fabric, d’oh!


Here’s a picture of the hook with one of Tom Bihn’s Cordura Organizer pouches, which I use to hold keys to my desk at work, lip balm and a small pack of tissues. I also have a larger Cordura Organizer I use to hold pens, which isn’t pictured, but will hang with it’s partner soon.


The D ring will most likely be used to hold my house/car keys and/or if I feel like knitting on my morning commute instead of reading, it will hold the Tom Bihn Yarn Stuff Sack that Nick bought me for the solstice.

The only other mistake I made with the new version of my tote was that I messed up one of the handles, which is a bit of a bummer, but not super noticeable.


The handle on top wasn’t inserted correctly, which is why it twists, rather than laying flat like the one on the bottom. However,  I took it out for a test run this weekend and it wasn’t uncomfortable.

Oh, well – at least these mistakes will remind me to pay closer attention to what I’m doing next time. The original owl tote will most likely end up going to my sister since she was admiring it at our annual family Christmas dinner. It should serve her well for carrying all of the papers she needs to grade home from school.

Despite the errors, I’m happy with my new bag!


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