New Year, New Goals



It seems like there’s always so much to do and I’m easily distracted, so every year I set goals for myself to make sure I’m getting things done and growing as a person, be it in big or small ways.

Here are my goals for 2016:


  • Blog once a month
  • Knit or crochet one item
  • Finish cross-stitching the Ian pillow
  • Complete 2 sewing projects
  • Complete 6 assignments out of The Photographer’s Playbook, edited by Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern
  • Practice bass or keyboard at least once a week
  • Finish zine/novel project


  • Read 60 books
  • Find doctor and dentist and schedule check-ups
  • Take Ian and Harlow in to get teeth cleaned
  • Start saving money for a house
  • Tend garden at least once a week during gardening season
  • Start seeds indoors in March
  • Keep my Tillandsia plant, pictured above, alive and flowering.*
  • Call my grandmother at least once a month
  • Send close out of town friends snail mail or e-mails at least once a month.
  • Continue gaming with friends regularly (at least twice a month).


  • Run a 5k
  • Lift 50lbs – overhead press and bench press
  • Bring mile time down to 10m30s
  • Go to gym twice a week
  • May-October – bike to work at least twice a week.

This year Nick and I also decided to set a few goals to accomplish together:


  • Try one new recipe from one of our many cookbooks once a month
  • Deep clean once a month
  • Take 2-3 trips
  • Complete 2 projects
  • Take a class together
  • Spend at least one of our nights together without the TV**

* I killed the first one I had

**This typically isn’t a problem during the summer, but we become couch potatoes during the winter

Edit: Goals stricken through were completed, woohoo!