Getting Stitchy


These embroidery frames came all the way from Australia this week!  Can’t wait to work on mini-embroidery. I have so many ideas and sketches and am excited about making cute jewelry!


Now I have another easy and portable project to work on during my commute to and from work. While I waited patiently for the frames to arrive I continued to work on Ian and he now has the semblance of a nose!


This weekend is going to be spent on zines and the rest of Ian’s nose since we’re supposed to get another 3-10 inches on Saturday and zine fest is now only 2 weeks away.

Monkey Face Progress

For those who don’t know, my beloved Ian MacKaynine is also known as “Monkey Face” or just “Monkey” around these parts.

Here’s where hours of watching Dexter and Scrubs have gotten me:


It’s starting to look less like a strange map and more like his face now that the eye is being defined. Nick keeps teasing that at this rate I won’t be done with this until April. I’m determined to prove him wrong.

Wish me luck! I still have 3 seasons of Dexter, 4 seasons of Scrubs and at least 2 more months of the kind of weather that makes me want to stay indoors 24/7 ahead of me. Plus, rumor has it Polar Vortex Part III is supposed to be heading our way in the near future.

Why do I live in the Midwest again?

Cross-Stitch Love

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I am currently in the midst of cross-stitching one of my photographs of Ian. I’m doing it on 28 count Aida with a palette of 100 colors, yikes!

Am I crazy? Maybe
Will it look life-like when it’s done? Hopefully
Am I having fun with this challenge? Definitely!

It will get done courtesy of Netflix. So far I’ve spent endless hours stitching and watching Parks & Recreation, Chuck and Dexter, as well as a couple of movies. 

That’s the one thing I love about winter – I feel no shame in sitting at home watching endless hours of TV so long as my hands are busy making something. I still have at least three more months of this, so I’m going to make the best of them. It may take me all three months to complete this – I’m really hoping it doesn’t, but it will be pretty cool once I’m done. So cool, I may have to frame it instead of making it into a throw pillow like I originally intended.

Here’s two weeks worth of progress:


It looks like a map for some fantasy realm at the moment, but soon I’ll reach his eye area and it will hopefully start to resemble my little monkey.