I <3 Fruits and Veggies

As a vegan, I love my fruits and veggies! So do my pups. Every time Ian and Harlow smell an orange or banana being peeled they come running. They’re our “helpers” when it comes to meal prep, because they eat all of those errant bits of veggies that end up on the floor.

To celebrate our house’s love of fruits and veggies, I started working on this dish towel last summer and I finally picked it up again in order to finish it this week. The adorable pattern is “I Luv Veggies” from Sublime Stitching and it was my first foray into embroidery beyond cross-stitch. You can tell by the messy apple center.


That messiness worked well for the orange, though, because it gave it that textured feel that oranges have:


The tomato is my first attempt at satin stitch – clearly I need some practice:


And the garlic…well I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going fill in the garlic:


Can’t wait ’til I’m done with it. So many half finished projects that need to be tackled!

Getting Stitchy


These embroidery frames came all the way from Australia this week!  Can’t wait to work on mini-embroidery. I have so many ideas and sketches and am excited about making cute jewelry!


Now I have another easy and portable project to work on during my commute to and from work. While I waited patiently for the frames to arrive I continued to work on Ian and he now has the semblance of a nose!


This weekend is going to be spent on zines and the rest of Ian’s nose since we’re supposed to get another 3-10 inches on Saturday and zine fest is now only 2 weeks away.

Can’t wait!


Mini Embroidery Hoops made by The Creative Muster. Available on Etsy!

I’ve been interested in making embroidered necklace pendants for quite some time now, but hadn’t put much time or thought into it until I came across The Creative Muster Etsy shop, which sells small embroidery hoop frames made from bamboo that can either be hung on a wall or turned into jewelry.

Fortunately, they’re not very expensive, so I was able to buy a few different styles. Unfortunately, they’re made in Canberra, Australia, so it’s probably going to be a few weeks before I get my hands on them.

Oh, well, in the meantime I can work on cute embroidery designs, so I can get to work as soon as they arrive!

Let it Snow

As much as I hate the ice snow eventually melts into, I love the calm, quiet beauty after it’s just snowed and those cold snowy days give me an excuse to stay indoors and work on crafts! Lucky for me we’ve had a snowy December in Chicago.

Life has been a little nutty lately thanks to the upcoming holidays, but I’ve managed to finish a few projects I had in the works and start some new ones that I’m pretty excited about.

Here’s some of what I’ve been working on lately:


Sitting on my little wooden chair at my sewing machine for hours can get a little uncomfortable, so I bought some teal fabric to match the craft room’s accent wall and made myself the cushion/pillow you see above, so I can either sit on it or use it for back support depending on what I’m working on.

I made the blanket draped over the back of the chair back in early November at one of The Needle Shop’s mitered blanket classes. It’s baby blanket size, but since I wasn’t completely happy with my top stitching on it, I decided to keep it as a lap blanket for myself when I sit in the craft room since it can get pretty chilly in there, rather than having other people see my botched work. It just so happens that the fabrics in the blanket match my accent wall AND pillow and the little elephants just make me smile every time I see them. Next I’m planning on making some placemats to practice my new mitering skills.

Mitered Blanket

Here’s a shot of the blanket I took, right after completing it in class!

We’ve been dropping into negative temperatures a lot lately, so I recently bought myself these fabrics from The Needle Shop to turn into blouses and shorts for the spring/summer, as a reminder that after this weekend the days will start to get longer and warmth and sunshine are just around the corner.


Finally, since I love stitching AND photography, I recently decided to purchase WinStitch so I can turn my photos into cross-stitch patterns. First up, I’ll be stitching up this adorable picture of my dog, Ian MacKaynine.

ian pillow

I’m on the fence as to whether I should turn it into a throw pillow or frame it and hang it up somewhere – it all depends on how much time I end up putting into it and what the finished product looks like.

We’re supposed to get a big snowstorm in Chicago this weekend, so hopefully I can use it as an excuse to stitch to my heart’s content.

Hope everyone has a Happy Solstice!